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Tools to support agile ways of working in large organizations

We are using JIRA to manage user stories and features in an agile setup. I was asked to make some tweaks to the JIRA setup to make the work more efficient.

As with many large organizations, the JIRA setup is managed by a central organization.  Their approach to their work is somewhat less than agile 🙂



Me JIRA admin
May I have a JIRA project to play around in and test some configurations?  I do not want a standard configuration as my changes will affect other projects in that case  
  What standard configuration do you want?
None, I want to be able to change configurations myself.  
  Do you want to be in test or production?
What’s the difference for me?  
  I think you should be in test
  Here’s a project
But it has a standard configuration  
  Oops, here’s another project
Well, this project did not have a standard configuration, but a default-configuration.  But I still can’t change anything.  
  What, you want to change things?
Yes, that was sort of the whole point of this….  
  But then you need full JIRA admin access
Why full access, I only need to change in my project…  
   Then you need full JIRA admin access
Can I have JIRA access?  
  You already have JIRA access if you can log in
I mean JIRA admin access…  
  No you can’t
Can I have my own standard configuration to play with  
  No you can’t
Who manages the standard configuration that is in use here?  
  JIRA admin
Is that your team?  
Who should I talk to  
  JIRA admin

I think I give up……